donderdag 9 oktober 2008

Went to the woods today..!

Today was quite a good day! After taking the day off (meaning I kind of skipped class today) I put on my green wellies and trotted off to the woods together my beloved dog and shiny new camera. I kind of let my dog decide where we were going to go, which could have been really dumb but worked out perfectly. However I did made sure not to take any paths where the huge abundant of retired folk were having a stroll, in order to maximize the feeling of being alone. I felt like such a kid, imagining how all kinds of critters such as gnomes, fairies and nymphs would reside in trees and underneath ferns. The colors and light in the woods added to that enchantment; I loved the way some trees seemed almost silver against the bright blue sky, bright yellow leaves on the path, these incredible pink berries which would burst open to reveal the orange berry inside, bramble blossom, the amazing texture of moss and tiny toadstools popping up between the leaves. If I could have, I probably would have taken a picture of everything that tickled my fancy. Unfortunately my dog got a bit sick of me stopping every minute and started a tug of war with me while I tried to make a photograph, ending me up on my knees in the mud. Ah well, that could hardly dampen my spirits.

I think I’ll be doing this more often, even if it was just to be able to wear my wellies.

And then while hanging in front in the tv, my mom called me. She had found this cutie scowering in our neighbor’s front yard.

Then he went on his merry way.

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Lennart zei

wat heb je voor camera gekocht? :o

Marloes zei

Canon Ixus 85, 10 megapixel. Niet verkeerd eh?
Oh en thankies voor je comments! ^^