zondag 26 oktober 2008

Short cut.

So unfair!
My hair is actually going straight.. I mean come on! I finally started to appreciate my curls and now they are vanishing.. I’m going back to the hair I had when I was like 8 years old, not really straight, nor curly. Oh and best of all; frizzy. How annoying. Apparently it’s not even that strange, it has something to do with hormones. Perfect! Like having hormones constantly affecting my mood isn’t enough, now they have go and to spoil my hair!

I’ve decided to now finally take the plunge and cut my hair short. Really, properly short. Oh and bangs. Yes. Bangs. Those sideways asymmetrical bangs. But I first have to wait until my usual hairdresser get’s back from her 3 week holiday. I need her to give me the green light, I think she may better know if it actually suits me.. Until then, I’ll just have to suffer stupid hair.

Look at these girls, isn’t short hair just really cute?

And I adore her color.

If it all doesn’t work out, I’ll just start rocking the turban.
Photos are from: Garance Doré and
the Sartorialist

zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

Lazy days

Should have written days ago, but sheer laziness kept me from doing so. No I haven’t spend my entire break lying in bed, I actually left the house!

My girlies from my former work and I skedaddled off to the Efteling last Tuesday. For those who don’t know the Efteling, it’s an amusement park with sort of a fairytale theme. Check it here. I have plenty of childhood memories of going to this park and still gets me all excited and giggly when I get to go there. Especially the Droomvlucht (freely translated: Dreamflight), it’s a ride in which you go into this cart which swings you around this fairy world, trolls and glittering castles included. I desperately tried to take pictures of it, but unfortunately the cart when too fast so I only got odd photo’s of limbs of the fairies.. > < Pardoes, that made me go a little mad. But what place can you better scream on the top of your longs, break out in random dancing and pretend to lick the bum of a statue than an amusement park. I mean, don’t they kind of expect you to go nuts?
Well one thing is for shure! I enjoyed it fully!

The Goose Herder

Frogs with the golden ball

The Dancing Shoes

Distracted by the pretty flowers..

The Troll King, when he woke up this plate thing in front of his throne started vibrating, standing on it gave reason for plenty of giggles.

Long Neck (Lange Jan)

Little Red Riding Hood

On thursday I went to Utrecht with my mum and sister for some retail therapy. I wanted a new wintercoat and some proper flats, but off course I could not find them. Well I found plenty, but none that either looked good on me or fell within my tiny budget. Adding a little p.m.s. to the frustration of not finding what I wanted made me go all irritated. (And I do apologize for my erratic behavior mummy!) But still went home with a rather lovely deep v-neck cable-knit sweater and a pair of new pajamas. So it wasn’t a huge waste.. ^^

I also visited my great aunt with my grandmother yesterday, which was fun even though the cabdriver was quite the idiot when his navigator did not understand the road was blocked due to maintenance and he got all confused..

The rest of my time I wasted with watching Firefly, refolding the contents of my closet (which took me all day, how sad is that?) and trying to work on some reports for my internship. Ah yes, just one more day of my fall break and then I have to get back to real life. *Sigh*.