dinsdag 30 september 2008

Some songs..

Discover Beirut!

..just make me interpretive dance through my room.

maandag 29 september 2008

Of course it hurts

( .. )

Of course it hurts when buds burst.
Otherwise why would spring hesitate?
Why would all our fervent longing
be bound in the frozen bitter haze?
The bud was the casing all winter.
What is this new thing,
which consumes and bursts?
Of course it hurts when buds burst,
pain for that which grows
and for that which envelops.

Of course it is hard when drops fall.
Trembling with fear they hang heavy,
clammer on the branch, swell and slide -
the weight pulls them down, how they cling.
Hard to be uncertain, afraid and divided,
hard to feel the deep pulling and calling,
yet sit there and just quiver -
hard to want to stay
and to want to fall.

Then, at the point of agony and when all is beyond help,
the tree's buds burst as if in jubilation,
then, when fear no longer exists,
the branch's drops tumble in a shimmer,
forgetting that they were afraid of the new,
forgetting that they were fearful of the journey
- feeling for a second their greatest security,
resting in the trust
that creates the world.

Karin Boye, translation by Jenny Nunn

via: My Pocket

woensdag 24 september 2008

The Duchess

I MUST see this movie! My love for historical themed movies is great and combined with romance that simply makes me drool. But according to imdb it won't be out in the Netherlands untill flippin' january 2009. So unfair!

Etsy love: My Favorite Vintage

Thinking these dresses are impossible to find in the "normal" thrift shops, makes these gems of My Favorite Vintage feel almost too good to be true. I do wish my wallet was better filled and my waist not so much, so could get my hands one of these lovelies..

dinsdag 16 september 2008

Etsy love: Vintage Opulence

source: Vintage Opulence

Frills, flowers, lace.. It's Marie Antoinette meets pin-up and utterly over the top, but so hard to resist! Practical? No, but does it have to be? Every lady needs her gorgeous, too expensive, sizzling lingerie. Even if the only thing it will see is the inside of your closet.

Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

All you cat-owners out there know it's true!
Via BB-blog


source: PostSecret
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