donderdag 2 oktober 2008

No gymclass hero.

Kitty Yoga
I started with power yoga classes yesterday evening, not because I’m that fond of exercise but because I will be taking off to (probably) Biarritz, France. Which is like a (touristy) surfers place, so lots of laying on the beach and definitely no surfing for me. Since I already tried that once in Indonesia and failed miserably. It started with learning about the currents in order not to drown, seeing as 5 people had already drowned that year, so that didn’t give me much confidence. Then there was the whole fiasco of having to get up on the board. I couldn’t even get up while practicing on land. Well to make a long story short, after finally being able to get up once I managed to fall on my ass in such a weird manner I sprained my ankle. Oh and it was on the third day of my holiday. But either way, laying on the beach or going surfing, I’ll have to wear a bikini. I know I’m constantly complaining about my figure, which I’m not really that unhappy with but a little tightening can’t hurt! So power yoga. I’m taking the class with a friend, which is good to make sure I actually keep going. The teacher told us it was not much “power” but more flow yoga, so it’s yoga but with the movements following each other up in a quicker pace. We started with a little meditating, which I loved. Then the warming up, which got me a little nervous already seeing as not all poses were that comfortable. And then the real work began, it started nice and the using the breathing for changing of positions worked nicely for me. Then came “downward facing dog”, which didn’t seem that hard but having to stand that way for a (what felt like really long) time it starts to burn like crazy. My arms and calves started to tremble like crazy and what did the teacher say? “Relax your face and remember to breath.” How on earth could I ever relax in this pose? My muscles are so not used to this kind of strain. Luckily other poses came, but every single time the darned downward facing dog came back and more painful each time. I kept thinking, no pain no gain! Some silently swearing did help as well. At the end we got our reward, some relaxing (on a way too thin rubber exercise mat) and meditating. Honestly, even though the aches I did enjoy it. And doing it with a friend was great fun as well! Having a good giggle about our sad physical state when seeing each other struggle not to fall over while trying to stay in a weird pose. Maybe some exercise isn’t that evil.

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