zondag 30 mei 2010


On our first date to a Japanese fusion restaurant, we share a sashimi premium appetizer which includes that delicious white fish I can’t figure out the name of and we have some light and crisp sake with undertones of peach and discuss our likes and backgrounds and share anecdotes about our New York experience and I pretend I do much more freelance graphic design than I do and I smile a lot and try to flirt but can’t really because we aren’t connecting on a cosmic mental level but we can still make out so I decide to get him pretty drunk to ensure that happens because I know I look good tonight I’ve tested out the outfit before, it works, and we go to the place around the corner with red lights and I tell him about these signature shots they have there which are whiskey chased with pickle juice and he just has to try them but he’s already drunk and is a little uneasy about it and they sound kind of weird but I tell him they’re on me and he caves and takes some shots and then oh yeah it’s time for make out city!!!!! so we sit in a corner on one of the black leather couches and nature just takes its course and our connection is great and I don’t even notice his beard and he begins to caress and run his hands through the back of my hair and then he stumbles upon the dreadlock I’ve been meaning to brush out but haven’t yet, and he gives me this look.   

All credits go to Babe City. A delight for every girl.


My life is complete. I have been 'streetspotted'. Well maybe I cheated a bit, seeing as the person who shot me is my sister in law (well not actual law, but practically a sister none the less..). But I still feel it's a huge compliment..!

So I got featured on the site of Lieke, a seriously cool chick. Go check it out here..! Oh and by the way, check out the cool tees she and my sister in law (oh let's just call her by her name.. Chloé) made! I'm still waiting on that vampire tee, you guys..!
UPDATE: My bad.. TeesLC is also by Chloé..! It's a team effort..! ^~

P.s. Don't look at me too closely.. The frizzy hair and awkward smile.. *sigh* I don't do well on still images.

zaterdag 29 mei 2010

Summer warderobe inspiration..


Comfy and cute in mainly blues and greys with pristine white. My perfect spring/summer outfits!

De pictures of Kalle Gustafsson make me long for road trips through countries with astonishing wild landscapes.. I would spent my days just soaking up the view.

vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Dear Stephanie Meyer,

At this moment I am reading your latest book  of the Twilight saga and I must say I am not amused.
Is it really possible to go from horribly predictable to extremely farfetched over and over and over again in the same book? I mean, I've been able to forgive you for the whole sparkling thing but you are going a bit overboard. No, I did not expect high quality literature - I mean, I get your books from the kids section. But seriously?
Yes, I will continue to read it. But it bettter improve, because right now it's snoozeville. And I'm already on page 519. Just 180 pages to go.

Thank you for your time and hope you haven't wasted mine.

Yours sincerely,

P.s. The Host - I LOVED that one.