zondag 30 mei 2010


My life is complete. I have been 'streetspotted'. Well maybe I cheated a bit, seeing as the person who shot me is my sister in law (well not actual law, but practically a sister none the less..). But I still feel it's a huge compliment..!

So I got featured on the site of Lieke, a seriously cool chick. Go check it out here..! Oh and by the way, check out the cool tees she and my sister in law (oh let's just call her by her name.. Chloé) made! I'm still waiting on that vampire tee, you guys..!
UPDATE: My bad.. TeesLC is also by Chloé..! It's a team effort..! ^~

P.s. Don't look at me too closely.. The frizzy hair and awkward smile.. *sigh* I don't do well on still images.

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Cloeder zei

hey dat is mijn site ook hoor :(
wij schrijven allebei

maar leuk leuk leuk stukje schoonzus! de foto is leuk :D