maandag 24 november 2008

Gay Paris..!

Ah yes. Christmas is going to be too awsome, as I will be spending it in Paris with my beloved family..!
That also means I'll have to save up to be able to do a little shopping there.. But seeing as I don't have regular work I'm on a serious budget till the end of December. But the issue is, that it's Paris! I dont want to look a twat in my shabby (highly comfortable, but not very elegant) clothing in the one of the most stylin' cities I know.. So I've been desperately going through my regular blogs to get some inspiration, seeing as my shabby gear will just have to do (but perhaps there might be some cool new combinations possible..).

An update with my latest inspiration will follow!

Listening to the French Presidents baby mama:

Discover Carla Bruni!

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