donderdag 15 juli 2010

Romantic at heart..

Even though most people know that I am huge lover of the zombie / vampire theme and the violence that goes with it.. I am an equally big sucker for romance. There isn't a Jane Austen series I have not seen, nor am I ever able to walk passed a bridal shop without staring inside to check out the dresses. Though I'm the eternal single and I always tell my friends I will end up as a crazy old cat lady, I can't help myself but gush over engagement and bridal photo's. I even have a folder on my desktop with favourites, you know - just in case.
I came across these engagement photo's and fell in love..
Found via Lilac Wishes and Honeysuckle Riches. Also check out the wedding pictures of this couple on this amazing photographers blog!

Just to add to this post.. Just because I love romance, does not mean I enjoy seeing you canoodling with your significant other in the grocery store.
1. It makes me sick, I BUY MY FOOD HERE.
2. You're in my way. I might just hit you with my shopping cart. On purpose.

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