woensdag 9 december 2009

A new place?

But now some good news! I’m checking out a room tonight, in a house shared with 3 other girls – one of which is a great colleague and friend of mine . The place sounds so nice, perfect for a first home! So if I’m lucky, by 2010 I’ll be moving out and into a little dwelling of my own!

My mom was even so good as to keep an eye open for things for me whilst thrifting and oh my, such treasures she has found me! One of them is actually a slightly damaged leather Chesterfield couch, for 40 euros! How amazing is that? Now the only question is..will it fit through the staircase at my possible new place? I hope it will, because I’m already in love.
As soon as it’s out of the garage, I’ll make some pictures!

Though I haven’t actually seen the room yet, I’ve already been scouting for inspiration! Let me show you a small part of my inspiration folder:

I’m thinking about a clean and white base, with lush colors to brighten it up.

A mix of new and old (for me also known as IKEA and thrift finds).

Warm wooden elements.

A rich yet light feel.

And not to forget floor to ceiling bookcases. Perhaps in a bright color?

Though I'll probably go nuts with color, as I always do. My previous room did deserve it's name Villa Villekulla..

All images are from Sköna Hem.

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cloeder zei

ik hoop dat je de kamer krijgt :D

en een chesterfield wowowowow! niiice!