maandag 23 november 2009

When it rains, it pours.

When I heard the wind blow like mad and the rain pour down, whilst lying in bed in my attic room at 5.30 this morning, I felt the urge to simply pull the covers back over my head and stay there for the rest of the day. Yet knowing I have only 8 weeks of my internship left (of which 2 weeks are Christmas break) I dragged my behind out of the warm comfort that is my bed. Not bothered to apply any mascara whatsoever, as the rain would make sure that it would quickly end up on my cheeks instead of my lashes, I wrapped up in my new gigantic woolen scarf to ready myself for the battle ahead. The battle would consist of me, on my trusty bike versus the wind, great powerful raging wind. The prize? Me catching the train. Or not.
An epic battle followed, at times I was not even able to move my bike because the great power of the wind and I thought that if just started walking I would be faster. But I did not give up! And yes, I did make it to the train station in time. A lucky bonus was that it had stopped raining that morning.
But not anymore.
Since then it has been raining almost constantly.
I fear another battle will have to commence later this day.
One perhaps even fiercer.
I must gather my strength.
Buy chocolate.
Sleep in the train.
Listen to Eye of the Tiger. Grr.

Oh wait.
If I had head wind this morning, I’ll have tail wind when I go home.

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