dinsdag 23 december 2008

A nice little rant.

Since I do not have a drivers license, I'm kind of stuck with using public transport, which isn't really a big issue. The problem is the annoying behaviour of my fellow passengers. For some odd reason they think they can get away with simply anything.. Which is sort of true, because nobody has the balls to tell them different and neither have I. So I just curse at them in my mind, exchange ennoyed looks with other pissed off passengers and sigh loudly.

And seeing as I have to take the train to both my workplaces (yes, I actually now have two jobs besides school), my public trainsport annoiances has grown significantly.

My first hate has to be eating / drinking in the train. Yeah, I do it as well. But does it ALWAYS have to be smelly fast food? And omfg. Please eat with you mouth closed. That also means with chewing gum, you are not a freakin' cow. If you just have to have that immensely big milkshake, I am telling you this: when nothing comes through the straw it's empty. STOP SUCKING IT. Oh, and no, drinking a beer is not okay when it's 8.30 in the morning.

Secondly, music. I listen to music in the train, simply because I need something to drown out all the annoying chattering on phones or eatingsounds of my fellowpassengers, but when your music actually manages to pentrates through my headphones in to my ears then I must say you are either deaf or have a wish to be. Or perhaps you think to be kind by letting the rest of the train enjoy the bass of your music, that, my friend, is very unneccesary.
The most annoying this is offcourse when someone doesn't even have the decensy to use headphones, oh no..! If you have a cellphone which can play music, why even bother with those pesky things..? Everyone loves "gangsta rap", don't they?

Thirdly, when it is rushhour, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take your big ass bag from the couch, pull in your legs and make some room. That way we don't have to get all akward when I ask if I could please sit next to you, nor will you make kick you in the shins or throw my bag into your face as I stumble over your feet.

And, I'm almost done, then runny noses. Yes, it's winter, we all get a cold. But could you be so kind as not try and snort as though want get the snot as far up as to your brains? Oh same goes for the flimsy snorting, every three seconds. Just use a handkercief, it's okay to use one.

A minor annoiance: do not think I am actually so kind as to look after your bag while you go to the toilet. One: you did not ask me to. Two: I do not know you, so if it get's stolen then it just sucks to be you, it doesn't affect me at all.

The are just a few thing to keep in mind when you travel by public transport. It is fairly simple: just sit down, read your free newspaper and be quiet. That's all I'm asking for.

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