dinsdag 16 september 2008


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A new location, a new name and even a new language! For those who not yet know me; my name is Marloes, 20 years old, Dutch, art therapy student and time waister extrordinaire.
What you can expect from this blog? Well pretty much whatever that takes my fancy..! From movies to interior decorating, art to fashion and everything around and in between. Not to forget the occosional rant about how sucky life can be and if you're lucky (and I'm feeling extra egotastic) I might even post some pictures of.. me.

Well I hope you will enjoy my nonsense and don't forget to leave a comment!

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Nienke zei

Oh help! Nou snap ik er niks meer van. Ik en Engels.. ^^
Gelukkig zet je er ook veel plaatjes en filmpjes op. Ziet er leuk uit! :D Ik dat ik je maar in mijn sidebar ga proppen met RSS-feed, kan ik je stalken hehe.